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Urge Congress: Increase Healthcare Workforce Funding for Fiscal Year 2025
As the nation’s population continues to age and pressure mounts on health care providers to meet the needs of patients, it is imperative for Congress to tackle obstacles that are hindering patients' access to quality health care. This includes reducing disparities in access to care that lead to adverse health outcomes for patients in rural and underserved communities. That is why we strongly encourage you to reach out to your elected representatives today to advocate for increased funding for all Title VII health workforce development programs for fiscal year 2025.

To effectively decrease these disparities and guarantee exceptional care for every patient, health professions programs must generate an appropriate number of providers to meet the demand that exists in all communities nationwide. Title VII programs are tailored precisely to this objective, underscoring the critical importance of investing in the following programs:

  • The Health Careers Opportunity Program, which provides targeted K-16 programming targeted to marginalized students to expose them to the possibility of pursuing a career in the health professions and ensure they have the resources necessary to matriculate into a program;
  • Scholarships for Disadvantaged Students, which provide financial support to ensure that underrepresented students are retained in their programs through graduation;
  • Area Health Education Centers, which facilitate clinical placements for PA and other health professions students in underserved areas through partnerships between academic institutions and community-based providers;
  • Primary Care Training and Enhancement grants, which provide high-quality clinical training experiences for students, incentivize students to practice in underserved areas, and increase the number of clinicians practicing in primary care; and
  • The Rural Maternal and Obstetric Care Training demonstration program, which would provide funding to PA education and other health professions programs to support clinical training opportunities in community-based settings.

As the FY 2025 appropriations process unfolds, your assistance is crucial in securing these investments. Please reach out to your representatives today, urging them to endorse increased funding for all Title VII health workforce development programs for fiscal year 2025.

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