TELL YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS: No Mandated Vaccines in the Workplace
Adult vaccine mandates, particularly within the workplace, threaten the very principles of freedom, informed consent, and the right to bodily autonomy. Many employees, particularly within the healthcare sector and even those that have no patient contact, are forced to either receive a flu (or other) shot, or lose their job - often positions they have been in for decades. These employees either subject themselves to a medical intervention they don't want, or attempt to obtain a religious accommodation which can be denied by their employer. For employees with other objections to vaccination, there is often no option. 

An individual should never have to choose between their livelihood and a forced medical intervention - especially when the vaccine makers themselves are indemnified from any liability for harm caused by the vaccine. 


Recently, Representative Sue Allor introduced HB4471 with bipartisan support, which:

  • aims to protect employees from vaccination mandates by their employer for 3 vaccines; influenza, Tdap, and the investigational COVID-19 vaccine. It prevents an employer from discharging, failing or refusing to hire, or otherwise discriminating against an individual with respect to their vaccination status. 
  • prevents an employer from requiring an individual who declines these vaccines from being forced to wear a face mask or a distinguishing mark, for example a sticker on their badge, that indicates whether they have received a vaccine, or not which is a privacy violation. 
  • requires the employer to notify employees of their right to decline the vaccines. 
  • allows an employee to take civil action against their employer for violating this act and obtain costs, reasonable attorney fees, and treble damages if they prevail


With the threat of mandated COVID-19 vaccines on the horizon it is incredibly important that you contact your legislators to let them know where you stand. Encourage your friends to stand up and do the same. Whether you choose to take all, some or none of the recommended vaccines this legislation will protect Michiganders in the workplace by ensuring vaccine exemptions are always available. 

We have developed a template message containing concise points. Please personalize your email by adding in your experience in the 'MESSAGE BODY' section (⇒⇒)


Tips for Writing an Effective Email

  • Keep it brief. Be concise.
  • Introduce yourself (Name, Occupation, etc) and how workplace mandates have or will impact you.
  • Get to the Point (the point of your email is to ask for their support for workplace exemptions and HB4471)

After you have sent your message, please send this alert to 5 friends or families and encourage them to contact their elected officials also!

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