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FFCA 2020 Legislative Initiatives
November 22, 2019 by Darrel Donatto

Expansion of the Medicaid Reimbursement for Public Emergency Medical Transportation (PEMT)
The FFCA is seeking expansion of Federal reimbursement for service provided by governmental entities who provide Public Emergency Medical Transportation (PEMT) to patients who are in the managed care program. This Federal reimbursement could provide $100,000,000 in new funding for current services provided by public providers of emergency medical services, with those communities serving the most medically indigent patients being helped the most.

Emergency Medical Services – Controlled Substances
The FFCA supports efforts to allow paramedics to administer controlled substances and allow Florida licensed EMS provider to obtain a DEA registration. In 2017, the Protecting Patient Access to Emergency Medications Act (PPAEMA) was signed into law allowing EMS agencies to receive their own DEA registration to administer controlled substances. The PPAEMA also explicitly allows EMS agencies to “administer controlled substances in schedule II, III, IV, or V outside the physical presence of a medical director or authorizing medical professional.” To do so, the EMS agency must 1) be authorized to do so by state law and 2) have a standing order or verbal order from a medical director or an authorizing medical professional. Florida State Statute 893.05 does not currently allow a paramedic to administer controlled substances in the physical absence of a physician, an advanced practice registered nurse, or a physician assistant. Moreover, Florida statutes and rule do not allow for the registration of a licensed EMS provider, instead requiring the EMS provider’s medical director to obtain such DEA registration.

Establishment of a Non-ad valorem Assessment funding mechanism for the Retrofit of High-rise Building Fire Safety Systems
The State-mandated retrofit of high-rise buildings with fire sprinkler and engineered life safety systems is important for the residents and the firefighters who protect them. The cost of this retrofit has been an obstacle to accomplishing this essential task. The FFCA is seeking legislation that will allow for the use of a non-ad valorem assessment funding mechanism for the retrofit of high-rise building fire safety systems.

Changes to Florida State Statute 401
The FFCA is seeking changes to Florida State Statute 401 to allow ground ambulance and emergency medical services vehicle equipment and supplies to be established by the medical director of the licensee and to allow ground ambulance or vehicle design and construction to be based on national standards other than the GSA spec.

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