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Oppose the 5-cent Gas Tax Hike
Massachusetts State House of Representatives voted in favor (114-40) of H.4808, a transportation bill that raises the gas tax by 5 cents per gallon (9 cents for diesel). This bill would raise the tax for Uber and Lift rides by 500%. Furthermore, it would strip the sales tax exemption from car rental companies that purchase additional vehicles and increase the annual minimum corporate excise tax exponentially.

See how your legislator voted on this Facebook post.

The Reason Foundation's 24th Annual Highway Report shows Massachusetts ranking at the bottom for overall performance, 44th of the 50 states. It's at the bottom because it spends nearly the most per mile of all the states, $216,000 PER MILE! The average for all states is $71,000.

Yet, it ranks at nearly the bottom on almost all road quality measures: urban congestion, 46th, rural arterial pavement, 47th, rural interstate pavement, 37th, structurally deficient bridges, 30th, and urban interstate pavement, 31st.
We have a spending problem in Massachusetts, not a revenue problem. A 5-cent hike in the gas tax will fall hardest on small businesses and contractors who already spend too much time on congested roads just to get to the job site, let alone having to pay more in gas taxes.

Instead of looking for hidden and obscure ways to increase taxes on businesses and consumers, legislators should be looking for ways to use the billions of tax dollars already collected more wisely and find ways to cut costs like taking a pay cut!
The 5-cent gas tax increase moves to the Senate next. Governor Baker says he will veto the bill in favor of an even higher gas tax up to 17 cents per gallon through his proposed Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI) tax. This TCI Tax is an outrageous, unconstitutional initiative that would not even require legislative approval!

Tell your legislator to oppose this gas tax hike! And if your representative voted yes, tell him or her you'll be looking at other candidates in this Fall's elections!
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