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Oppose forcing colleges to provide abortions

Legislators have returned from their summer recess to hearings on a variety of different abortion-related bills. The title of one of the bills, HB 3841, says it all: An Act to require public universities to provide medication abortion. Representative Lindsay Sabadosa filed this legislation.

As the title states, HB 3841 will require that public universities "shall offer medical abortions to its patients." That means that tuition and fees will be used to fund abortions. 

If tuition and fees aren't already high enough, now they'll need to be increased to fund abortions.

Worst still, the bill establishes the Public University Health Center Sexual and Reproduction Health Preparation Fund to be administered by the Commission on the Status of Women. The legislature can deposit taxpayer dollars into this abortion mill fund to pay for the following:

  • Issue grants of $200,000 to public universities and colleges to pay all direct or indirect costs to upgrade public university health centers to perform medical abortions;
  • Issue grants of up to 200,000 to public universities and colleges to pay for direct or indirect expenses of performing medical abortions at public university health centers;
  • $2.4 million for all direct and indirect costs of administering this program.

This is all to turn public universities and colleges into abortion mills.

Please take 30 seconds to send your legislator a email to oppose this abortion mill bill.  Thank you.

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