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Expose the Fatal Fetal Abnormalities Lie

At the recent Judiciary Committee hearing on the Roe Act Infanticide bill, legislators and pro-abortion lobbyists repeatedly touted a provision of the bill that specifies abortion beyond 24 weeks would be allowed in cases of “fatal fetal abnormalities.”

While that language is in the Roe Act Infanticide bill, it’s redundant because another section of the bill greatly expands abortion after 24 weeks for a litany of other reasons, and gives wide discretion to abortion doctors regarding whether or not a woman should have an abortion. The legislation also specifically states that “Medical judgment may be exercised in the light of all factors—physical, emotional, psychological, familial, and the person’s age—relevant to the well-being of the patient.”

This opens the door so wide as to allow the doctor to perform an abortion for any reason at any stage of pregnancy.  A woman could be granted a very late term abortion because she feels she’s too young, too old, already has too many kids, or it might negatively impact her financially or emotionally.

The “fatal fetal abnormalities” section is a red herring, designed to give legislators something “reasonable” to point to, while other sections of the bill cast the doors wide open to late term, birth canal abortions on demand.

Bill Gillmeister, the Public Policy Director of the Renew MA Coalition, has written a piece published in New Boston Post explaining this. We urge you to take 30 seconds to send it to your legislators using our Voter Voice advocacy system.

Let’s not allow legislators (or the Governor) to claim no one told them this was in the legislation. Please contact them today.

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