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Challenge Your Legislators - Go see Unplanned

The Massachusetts Republican Assembly, Renew Mass Coalition, and Stop Tax Payer Funded Abortion announce the "UnPlanned Challenge."   We are asking our members, supporters, friends, and all Pro-Life voters to respectfully challenge their State Representative and State Senator to go see the Pro-Life Movie "UnPlanned."  

"Unplanned" is the real story of Abby Johnson, a former clinic director and Employee of the Year for Planned Parenthood who became a pro-life advocate after witnessing a suction abortion on ultrasound. The response to this film has already been incredibly powerful and we hope our elected officials will take notice, so please take 30 seconds to encourage them to see it.

At the risk of offering movie spoilers, every person involved in this critical issue is portrayed in a humanizing light. The clinic employees put on baby showers for their coworkers. The real fear those workers have of harm from zealots using opposition to abortion to justify harm is portrayed, as well as the core of the pro-life movement’s message which opposes that violence and embraces help and healing, both material and spiritual.

We urge YOU to see the film, and to encourage friends to see it, as well as legislators. Again, please take a minute to send a message to encourage your legislators to watch the film. Thank you.

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