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Oppose More State Tax Dollars for Planned Parenthood
           President Trump's administration is taking federal Title X family planning grants and declaring them off limits to the abortion business. In response, the MA House and Senate leadership plan on passing "emergency" legislation to "replace" federal Family Planning funding that Planned Parenthood and other abortion-centric clinics stand to lose because they provide abortion services and refer clients to have abortions. 

            No federal funding for "family planning" to our state is being lost, so no funding needs to be "replaced."  Those clinics that provide other services can choose NOT to provide abortions and make abortion referrals and continue receiving federal grants. The revised rules of the Federal Family Planning grant program merely restore a prohibition of tax dollars going to organizations that "co-locate" with abortion clinics or that refer clients for abortions. The federal family planning program grants were never intended to fund or advocate abortion as a method of family planning, and local clinics can simply cease abortion referals to maintain federal funding.

               News outlets report that Massachusetts health clinics received $6.1 million from the federal Family Planning grants in 2017. Now, Speaker DeLeo wants to take $6.1 million of our STATE taxes and give the funds to Planned Parenthood League of Massachusetts and other clinics that want to continue abortion services, as they'll lose federal dollars. He's giving them a way out so they don't need to choose between federal funds and abortion referrals.

            Please contact your legislators today and tell them to reject the plan to support the abortion business.
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