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Stop Sanctuary State Legislation

               Senator Jamie Eldridge and Representative Ruth Balser have once again filed Sanctuary State legislation, SB 1401 and HB 3573 ambiguously titled An Act to protect the civil rights and safety of all Massachusetts residents. 

              This Sanctuary State legislation as with past versions prohibits police and other law enforcement personnel from questioning suspected criminals about their immigration status. Nor are police or other personnel allowed to communicate with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office even in the face of a detainer request or other release information.

             There have been very high profile cases recently of illegal immigrant drug dealers, human traffickers, identity thiefs, rapists, and murderers being let back out onto the streets because local law enforcement authorities have been unable detain them because of the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Courts ruling in the Lunn decision, which won't allow local law enforcement to hold these criminals. Then there are political cases such as Newton District Court Judge Shelley Joseph obstructing ICE authorities and criminals out the back door of the court house.

            Representative Marc Marc Lombardo filed legislation, HB 3371, that corrects the Lunn decision and gives local police the ability to tell ICE when they have a suspected criminal illegal immigrant in custody.

             We need to stop Sanctuary State legislation and to correct the Lunn decision.

              These bills have been assigned to the Judiciary Committee. The Committee has yet to schedule a hearing. We will likely be given only very short notice, so be ready to come to the State House in Boston to show legislators the strong opposition for Sanctuary State legislation.

               Please take 30 seconds to email your state representative and state senator to tell them you oppose Sanctuary State legislation, SB 1401 and HB 3573 and that you support clamping down on criminal illegal immigrants with HB 3371. Thank you!

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