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During the long summer months, many pieces of legislation will be heard by various committees. Two very important pro-life bills are currently before the Judiciary Committee, filed by Rep. Betty Poirier.
HB 934 is a Fetal pain bill, which we've seen passed in many other states. This legislation prohibits physicians from performing an abortion on a baby 20 weeks or older unless the physician anesthetizes it, with exceptions related to the life of the mother, or the major bodily function of the mother, or because the mother directs that anesthesia not be administered to the fetus. Basically, the doctor must offer the woman the anesthesia, which can then spark a discussion related to the fact that even young babies in the womb feel pain, and abortion is the destruction of a tiny human.
HB 926 Bans Partial Birth abortions in situations when they're not necessary to save the life of a woman. This legislation also protects babies born alive during an abortion from being killed after exiting the womb by creating penalties for doctors who intentionally cause their deaths.
Both of these bills are common sense measures that any compassionate person would support, and they illustrate just how far our society goes to take away the reality of the act of abortion, and to minimize the humanity of the baby, all in the name of women's rights. But women deserve better than being scarred by a partial birth abortion, or the destruction of a baby outside the womb. They should be offered alternatives, not told the only solution is abortion.
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