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Support the Lyons Plan to Reform MassHealth

Call To Action: Oppose the Employer Assessment
Support Rep. Lyons MassHealth Reforms


                Our current taxpayer subsidized health care system is growing out of control, and comprising over 40% of this year's state budget. There are over 1.9 Million people on MassHealth, with over 1.6 million of them receiving completely "free" healthcare, paid for by the taxpayers. It's simply unsustainable and REAL solutions are needed.


                Some state policy makers are asking for businesses to just pay new taxes to cover the cost overrun of this growth, improperly penalizing job creators who didn't cause this problem. After revisions to the size of the tax, Governor Baker proposed some modest reforms, which the legislature then rejected. 


                Can you take 30 seconds to tell your legislators that you support Rep. Lyons plan, rather than the employer assessment?


                The Lyons plan states that those on taxpayer-subsidized plans should be asked to contribute to cost-sharing and pay their fair share. The Renew Massachusetts Coalition agrees with Rep. Lyons that means testing benefits is a more appropriate way to solve our budget problems, as some MassHealth recipients make upwards of $72,000 a year.


                We should level the playing field, reward employers doing the right thing, and require those receiving state-subsidized plans to be working or looking for work.


                Rep. Jim Lyons alternative plan fixes the underlying problem, so we don't need the employer assessment at all. Under the Lyons plan:


To receive tax-payer subsidized MassHealth (Medicaid) persons must:


1. Be working or looking for work if able-bodied and over 18,

2. Be unable to purchase insurance from their employers,

3. Contribute a $2,000/year average cost share premium for above-poverty level households;


                It's estimated that making these changes will save taxpayers $700 million to $1 billion, eliminating the need for new taxes. But Rep. Lyons needs our help to pass it.


                Please take 30 Seconds to click on the link to tell your elected officials to support the Lyons plan as they debate MassHealth this fall. Thank you!

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