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Vote on Planned Parenthood "Healthy Youth" Curriculum Bill Thursday, January 16th

URGENT: "Healthy Youth" Curriculum Bill -
Email Your Legislators TODAY

Dear First Name,

            Unfortunately, on January 16th the State Senate passed the Planned Parenthood Sex-ed Curriculum Bill SB 2459 (now amended as SB 2475). This bill mandates a one-size-fits-all, graphic sex education curriculum for every public school. Now the bill moves to the House of Representatives. We urge you to help us stop this disgraceful bill in the House.

            Please take 30 seconds to send your State Representative an email asking him or her to vote no on this central-government mandate. Click here to go to our action page!

            SB 2475 would force a state-mandated health curriculum on every public school in the Commonwealth that offers comprehensive sex education. This eliminates local control for local school committees on what their children would be taught with respect to sexuality, contraception and abortion

            Please contact your State Representative today to be sure he or she knows that you oppose this top-down control of sex-ed curriculum!

            Planned Parenthood is pressuring legislators to pass this bill. It has already passed in the Senate. You can see links to this dangerous legislation HERE. Mandating material like this would be objectionable to many parents and guardians.

            We urge you to tell your State Representative that you oppose this state-dictated, extreme, one-size-fits-all mandate and oppose ending local control that empowers liberal advocacy groups and bureaucrats!

            Please take 30 seconds to quickly and easily express your opposition to this legislation TODAY.
Thank you,
Kathy Lynch

PS: It's up to YOU to stand against the radical sex-ed agenda. Please take 30 seconds to contact your state representative today by clicking here. Thank you.

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