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Bring Back the Sales Tax Holiday? It's up to you.

Bring Back the Sales Tax Holiday?

It's up to you. 

In 2016, there was no Sales Tax Holiday.  A number of elected officials claimed that the state couldn't afford it.  This year, we need to bring back the tax holiday, because we can't afford not to.

The retail landscape is changing.  More and more commerce is moving online, and local sellers still find themselves at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to sales tax fairness.  The Sales Tax Holiday incentivizes consumers to spend their dollars locally, here in our economy.  The economic benefit of a tax holiday weekend is multiplied as an investment in our communities, boosting Main Street businesses, providing increased wages for retail workers and rewarding local consumers.  In excess of $500 million is spent in our local economy in one weekend.

While some in the State House in Boston may question the importance and effectiveness of the Sales Tax Holiday Weekend, YOU, as retailers who have experienced eleven past tax free events, having stocked, sold and delivered hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of goods over those weekends, may have a different view.

Your legislators need to hear from you directly, and see the Sales Tax Holiday from your point of view.

You are a constituent and you employ their constituents.  You are an in-state business and are a vital and active member of your community.  You compete everyday against competitors online who are selling tax free, 365 days a year, into the Commonwealth.  All we are asking for is two days. 

The time is now.  Multiple bills relative to the Sales Tax Holiday are up for a public hearing next week before the Joint Committee on Revenue.  Contact your legislators today, and ask them to bring back the Sales Tax Holiday this year.    

Legislators need to hear from YOU - the retail employers and employees who support a return of the Sales Tax Holiday. 

We urge all members who count on the Sales Tax Holiday weekend to contact your legislators today, both in the House and Senate, and ask for their support on this important issue. 

You can easily send a message through our Advocacy Action Center, where you can personalize a message to your legislators and/or incorporate some of our helpful talking points.

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