August 4, 2021

We have breaking news for you this month--from EPA whisletblowers discovering EPA is deleting critical data on risks posed by certain chemicals, to encouraging news about Bayer halting its sales of RoundUp in the US, to finding out some organic hummus products are actually not organic. But take heart, there is much we each can do to effect change, also noted in this month's newsletter, including asking your senator to support a pollinator- protecting federal bill!

If you haven't already, you may want to find out if your community is signed up for the Md. Dept. of Agriculture Mosquito Control Program. Many communities are sprayed weekly with a toxic pesticide with no assurance it is free of the "forever chemical" PFAS. We discovered MDA's previous product, used in the program, was PFAS-contaminated. MDA replaced it with 2 other pesticides and neither have been tested for PFAS contamination. 

Good news! We have added a new section for your reading pleasure. Scroll down to our latest postings under Good Reads & Deeds.

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  Organic Living  
Your purchases make a difference! Consumers along with businesses and legislators have a role to play in ridding our shelves of unhealthy products that are more likely to end up harming low-income families. Read More
A frightening trend at the expense of animal welfare and environmental health. Is meat ruining the planet? In 2017, EPA reported that agriculture contributed nearly 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions, and livestock accounted for a full third of that. Read More
New research suggests organic-certified meat is less likely to be contaminated than conventional meat with bacteria that can cause human illnesses, including multi drug-resistant organisms. Read More
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Important breaking news on glyphosate

EPA Whistleblowers expose corruption at the agency's Chemical Safety Office. EPA managers removed information about risks posed by chemicals, including pesticides "How Pesticide Companies Corrupted the EPA & Poisoned America". Read More
The health-food staple hummus and the chickpeas it is made from can be contaminated with high levels of glyphosate. Responding to a complaint by the Environmental Working Group, USDA confirmed cancer causing glyphosate contamination of organic chickpeas. Read More
The German chemical company Bayer announced Thursday that it will stop the sales of glyphosate in all lawn and garden products sold in the United States by 2023. Read More
Is the "treatment" worse than the problem?     Mosquitoes are a nuisance, but poisoning from PFAS in mosquito spray lasts forever. If your community is being sprayed for mosquitoes by the Md. Dept of Agriculture's program here's how to op-out of Md's. toxic nuisance mosquito spray program. Read More

While Md. has banned the sales of neonicotinoid consumer garden products, seeds treated with bee killing neonicotinoid pesticides remain a critical concern. Read More

Scientists point to long-term negative impacts of neonicotinoids, advocates hope a regulatory overhaul will help. Read More

ALARMING: For the past year, the managed honeybee colony losses throughout the U.S. was 45.5%--the highest losses on record. Just the winter losses represent an increase of 9.6% over the prior year's winter loss and is roughly 4% higher than te previous 14-year average rate of loss. Read More
Unlike New Year's resolutions, resolving to support bees is often easy and fun. Pollinator protection can spread faster than weeds.  Read More
TAKE ACTION! Tell Your Congressional Reps: Co-sponsor the Saving America's Pollinators Act.This legislation will not only save America's pollinators. SAPA will help people who depend on pollination services for healthy food. Read More
  LET'S GET SERIOUS ABOUT SOIL, food security & climate change - yes they're related!  

This farm uses birds to control insects, not pesticides. Read More

Organic farming promotes public health by lowering dietary risks. Read More

Your patch of green can also serve an environmental function helping reduce flooding and curb water runoff. These gardens are shallow, sunken plots of land that act as a reservoir for storm water that is not absorbed by surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways or decks. Read More

Undocumented immigrants are doing the backbreaking farm work that keeps the US food system running, but struggle to feed their families. Read More

Hopkins' Center for a Livable Future's major study on the numerous health threats that farmworkers face. Read More

Environmental News Service founder and chief scientist of Environmental Health Sciences, Pete Meyers' new book sheds light on human and environmental impacts from widely used herbicides, offering a potential antidote to the industry playbook downplaying their harm. Read More
A new PBS documentary investigates the legacy of one of the most dangerous pollutants on the planet, an unsettling cover-up, and the exhausting fight for accountability.The People vs. Agent Orange Exposes a Mass Poisoning in Plain Sight.  Read More
"Toxic Legacy" What are we leaving our grandchildren? There are few people who have studied the cancer-causing pesticide glyphosate as Stephanie Seneff, PhD. has. Read More

Please help support our work to protect our babies, bees, and the Bay!