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October 12, 2017 by Darrel Donatto

Amendment to Chapter 633 - FIRE PREVENTION AND CONTROL

We are seeking amendments to Florida State Statute Chapter 633 to require training related to cancer and mental health risks for all career and volunteer firefighters seeking certification. We also want firefighter employers to provide training to existing employees. Firefighters are afflicted with cancer at a higher rate than the general population. Moreover, the suicide, post-traumatic stress, and catastrophic addictions are increasingly taking the lives of firefighters. We feel that education is the first step in reducing or preventing these risks. In addition, we are seeking to promote a tobacco free fire service in the State of Florida by having prospective firefighters sign an affidavit stating they will remain tobacco free for their tenure in the fire service.

Renewal and Expansion of the Florida Public Emergency Medical Transportation Supplemental Reimbursement Program
We are asking the State legislature to renew funding ($25 million) for the Public Emergency Medical Transportation Supplemental Reimbursement Program in the FY2018 Appropriations and to expand this funding (an additional $100 million) to include the unreimbursed costs for medically indigent patients in the managed care programs, 100% of which will be provided by reimbursement from the Federal government. The Agency for Health Care Administration obtained a Medicaid State Plan Amendment (4.19-B) that allows the State to reimburse public providers of emergency medical transport services for unreimbursed costs (certified public expenditures or CPE) of providing care and transportation to the medically indigent population. This supplemental payment program was approved dating back to October 1, 2015. To date, the State has distributed over $19 million dollars to public EMS providers. For FY 2017, it is estimated that the State will distribute another $25 million dollars to public EMS providers. All of the funding for this program comes from a Federal match and there is no cost to the State. This program is providing vital funding to County and Municipal governments, with those entities who have the largest medically indigent populations getting the largest share.  Currently, the program does not cover medically indigent patients who are enrolled in Managed Care Programs.

We are seeking amendments to Florida State Statute Chapter 401 to allow emergency medical service providers to help lower the cost of healthcare through alternative treatment and transportation programs, to revise the requirements for ambulance design and construction, to revise the requirements for equipment that must be carried on ambulances, and  to allow for law enforcement assistance to emergency medical service providers when providing an examination or treatment to a patient who is intoxicated, under the influence of drugs, or otherwise incapable of providing informed consent.

For more information about the Florida Fire Chiefs’ Association’s legislative positions or a copy 
of our proposals for legislation, please call or email:

Chief Darrel Donatto   (561) 719-3517     ddonatto@townofpalmbeach.com
Chief Dan Azzariti        (727) 224-8465      dazzariti@plantcitygov.com
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