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FFCA 2023 Legislative Session Summary
May 5, 2023 by Darrel Donatto

The 2023 regular Legislative Session began on March 7 and adjourned on May 5. 

The FFCA has been heavily engaged in advocating for the interest of the Florida Fire Service throughout the session and well before.  This year, unlike many others, there have not been a lot of bills filed that we were opposed to, and for those that we were, we were able to advocate for our position and see those bills amended so as not to harm the fire service.    

Below is a link to summaries of all the bills with fire service impact that the Florida Fire Chiefs' Association has been working on or watching.  The bills that passed are at the top.   The State budget, SB 2500, includes a list of all the projects or items that were funded and that have some impact on the fire service. 

Unless otherwise designated, these bills must still be signed by the Governor.

We encourage you to review the bills that have passed as they, in some way, likely affect your organization.

Click here to see all of the FFCA Legislation Being Tracked and what passed.

If you have any questions about a specific bill, please get in touch with advocacy@ffca.org.

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