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Christian Medical Association doctors express hope that HHS gender rule will uphold medical judgment and conscience
June 12, 2020 by Jonathan Imbody
Washington, DC, June 12, 2020—The 18,000-member Christian Medical Association (www.cmda.org) today expressed optimism that a just-finalized rule by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that deals with gender issues will help protect medical judgment and the exercise of conscience in healthcare.
"Health professionals know they must base medical decisions on biology and science, not ideology," said Dr. Jeff Barrows, CMA's Executive Vice President for Bioethics and Public Policy and an Ob-Gyn physician. "Biological gender carries very significant health implications that a physician must be able to recognize in making treatment decisions. The freedom for a health professional to base decisions on the medical science regarding biological gender also carries conscience concerns that should not be overruled by politics or ideology.
"We are hopeful that this rule will help steer consideration of gender issues in healthcare back toward science and away from politics and ideology, back to the protection of professional medical judgment and the freedom to adhere to long-observed ethical and moral standards."
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