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  From your Government Relations Committee  
  Columbia River Reforms - Next Steps  
  The Oregon Fish and Wildlife Commission recently adopted additional changes to the Columbia River gillnet reforms in response to a rebuke from Governor Kate Brown and outrage from sportfishing and conservation advocates following the Commission's January decision.   Sadly, the Commission's latest plan still falls short of the intent of the Bi-State reforms - removing non-selective gillnets from the river's mainstem and recognizing the superior conservation, economic and license revenue contributions of recreational fisheries.  

Despite the latest disappointment from this Commission (more on that next), we can't lose sight of the significant progress that has been made in a short amount of time.  CCA members across the Pacific Northwest and our supporters in the legislature are making a difference as we see a continued decline in mainstem gillnetting and the resulting benefits to our wild salmon and steelhead.  Thank you for your efforts and for your support of CCA!  

What's next?  In the short term, CCA will support the plan adopted by Washington State, which included compromises that honored the original intent of the reforms. 
In Oregon, it is painfully clear that the Fish and Wildlife Commission needs to be held accountable.  Over the past year, we've witnessed troubling behavior from Fish and Wildlife Commissioners, including:
  • Hostile, condescending treatment of members of the public and ODFW staff who appear before the Commission to testify;
  • A failure to acknowledge or comprehend fundamental aspects of salmon and steelhead conservation and fisheries management;
  • A blatant bias towards commercial gillnetting and a disregard for the anglers and elected officials in the legislature that fund the agency;
  • A mentality of maximum harvest that considers each fish -- hatchery and wild, target and bycatch- as a mere number, indistinguishable from one another and meant to be harvested up to the very last dead fish.
In addition to highlighting this troubling behavior, CCA will also continue to show how these policies prioritize the profits of handful of commercial gillnetters and urge the Legislature to hold ODFW accountable through budgetary and policy reforms that promote conservation and recognize that recreational anglers are largely funding ODFW's budget.
We will continue our efforts in the legislature and introduce bills to recognize the economic and conservation benefits of recreational angling for our state and our precious fish resources.  We will continue our work in the ODFW Budget process to represent our member's issues and be sure they get funded.  More action is coming.  We will be keeping you abreast of efforts and how you can help.
Our communications and Government relations Committee are continuing our Facebook Live events.  The next one is this Wednesday 3/29 6:30pm.  We will be discussing a wide range of topics, you can send in questions, share with your friends, spread the word about CCA and what we are doing to give our fisheries the help they need. 


  How did the ODFW Commission get it so wrong on the Columbia River Fishery Reforms?  
  Incase you missed it.  CCA Oregon released this document a few weeks ago and can be viewed on the CCA Oregon website

This shows history and should be seen by all!


  Breaking CCA News  
  CCA Oregon Fun Trap Shoot  
  Want something to do Apirl 8th?  How about blasting some clay targets?  We are going to have some fun and tell our story!  So bring some friends that aren't already members and let's share the successes and importance of being a part of CCA Oregon.  For more information, please contact Ed Rabinowe at (503)860-0970.



  2017 CCA Oregon Salmon Round-Up  
  The CCA Oregon Salmon Round-Up is here!   Why pay a large entry fee and fish only one or two days...  With our derby you have from March 15th to November 1st - which gives everyone a better opportunity to catch more fish and participate in an assortment of fisheries throughout the state.  

Plus check out the CCA Oregon Photo contest and inter-chapter challenge! 



  CCA Membership gets you more at Fish Field  
  CCA Oregon is proud to announce it's newest partner in conservation, Fish Field in Tigard, Oregon.  Habin (and his crew) has supported CCA Oregon from the start and now has stepped up his game!  He was and continues to be a major donor at banquets, co-brands on bags, and has hosted CCA meetings in his store.  He is also a weigh-in location in the Portland Metro area for the 2017 CCA Salmon Round-Up!    

PLUS now, CCA members will get 10% off their purchase (excluding clearance and already discounted items) when they show their CCA membership card.  

So go down and introduce yourself to Habin and Fish Field if you haven't already and thank him for his support to CCA! 


  CCA Oregon 2017 Banquet Schedule  
  Attending banquets is one way to support and engage in CCA Oregon!  It's also the single best way to get new CCA members involved while fulfilling other points of the CCA Diamond.  

I would suggest RSVP'ing to your chapter banquet, seats are filling up!  You can purchase your table or seat at CCA Oregon website HERE.  If you have something to donate or want to become a sponsor of an event contact Executive Director Chris Cone at  He can put you in touch with the appropriate chapter and assist with your donation. 
  • Willamette Falls • Saturday, April 8th - Monarch Event Center
  • Tillamook • Saturday, April 29th -  Tillamook Elks
  • Mt. Hood • Friday, May 5th - Persimmon Country Club
  • Tualatin Valley • Saturday, May 13th - Wilsonville Holiday Inn
  • Salem • Saturday, May 20th - Willamette Heritage Center
  • S. Willamette Valley • Friday, June 16th - Shadow Hills Country Club
  • Portland • Saturday, September 16th -  
  • Statewide Banquet • Saturday, November 18th - Monarch Event Center


  News From Around the State  
  CCA Project on the Molalla River  
  The Trout Creek Acclimation Pond on the Molalla River released another 50,000 spring chinook on March 24th.  Just prior to the release, CCA volunteers, along with ODFW staff, sampled approximately 300 fish to determine weight and size information. This will make 500,000 springers that this project has successfully released into the Molalla River.  

This was the 3rd year of good fish returns and most important, fishermen are catching fish again in good numbers. However, this wasn't always the case. In the past, fish were dumped off bridges with difficult water levels, which made it difficult for survival and acclimation. Those that did survive didn't do well and many would stray all over the upper Willamette basin.

The Trout Creek project was started through an R&E grant by CCA Oregon Willamette Falls Chapter in the fall of 2012 and completed March 1st, just in time for our first fish. This project was completed at a cost of 1/3 of what other R&E Acclimation projects cost. Due to many companies donating labor and materials and many CCA volunteers working very hard through tough conditions, this was a very successful project. We thank the Rowen Family for allowing the use of their property for this project. We've been told this is the Cadillac of ODFW Acclimation Pond sites.

The only way to really appreciate this project is to support CCA Oregon and the Willamette Falls Chapter.  We thank all the tireless volunteers that built and maintain this project.



  CCA Oregon Chapters expanding in Oregon  

With the help of CCA Oregon leadership and volunteers we have been busy traveling the state to start new chapters and hold meetings.  We have spoke with community leaders from Coos Bay to La Grande on how the CCA model works and why the CCA footprint in these communities is important to all of Oregon.  

The response has been positive and we are optomistic that we will find the right chapter leadership and have active chapters in these communities soon. If you know anyone living in these areas, please spread the word and encourage them to help the chapter develop!  Or if you are interested in helping out in these communities, please reach out to Executive Director Chris Cone at



  CCA Oregon Facebook Live!  
  Join us Wednesday March 29th at 6:30pm for our next "Facebook Live" show.  We will be discussing lots of topics... From Sea Lions and River Reforms to Salmon Round-Up and Fish talk..  

It will be fun and informative...   Join the event here!


  General Interest  
  CCA Oregon on Social Media  

Have you liked our CCA Oregon facebook page?  If not click here!  Every CCA Oregon Chapter has their own CCA Facebook group to share important information with their members, pictures of their fish and create positive discussion opportunities.  Check them out!    

Do you have an Instagram account?  Want to share pictures of your fish while supporting CCA Oregon?  Follow us on Instagram by clicking here and use #ccaoregon to tag your photos!



  CCA Oregon's Recruiting Video  
   Jon Haas and the CCA Oregon Communitcations Committee put together a powerful recruiting video for us to use.  You can watch it here.

What can you do to help?
  1.  Forward this video to your friends, family and everyone else! 
  2. Support CCA and be part of the change by joining here.
CCA memebrship is key to recovering Oregon Fisheries!


  CCA Clothing by AFTCO  

American Fishing Tackle Company (AFTCO) and the Coastal Conservation Association (CCA) are committed to marine conservation and angler rights. Through the leadership of CCA and the participation of local community chapters, the positive impact to protect the state's marine resources and interests of anglers will ensure a sustainable fishery for generation to come. 
AFTCO and CCA are proud to announce the launch of a new CCA by AFTCO line of performance fishing clothing. The limited run of CCA by AFTCO clothing includes the CCA Samurai performance sun shirt, "Bill Me" Samurai performance sun shirt, CCA low crown trucker hat, and CCA Patch logo low crown trucker hat. Through AFTCO's 10% pledge to protect and conserve, $5 from the sale of each CCA by AFTCO product will be donated to help fund CCA angler rights and marine conservation efforts nationwide. To learn more about AFTCO's marine conservation history visit To learn more about CCA visit




March 27, 2017

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