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BoatU.S. on Watch: Tracking Appropriations
February 21, 2024 by BoatU.S. Government Affairs Team

The BoatU.S. Government Affairs Team is always working to stay in front of policy trends on the water. Here’s what BoatU.S. is watching for you:

Getty Images/Douglas Rissing

Passage of the annual federal appropriations legislation is a key policy area for many of the programs BoatU.S. Members count on.  There is a defined process for passing the federal budget under what as known as "Regular Order" however for most of the past 20 years Congress has passed appropriations for one or two "Omni-bus" bills which fund multiple Federal Agencies. We advocate on these bills for programs like dredging of shallow draft channels and aids-to-navigation. We have seen a steady increase in funding for these boater programs over the past ten years

The appropriations process is also an area where policy is shaped with funding either directed to or away from different priorities. BoatU.S. stays "on watch" for boaters to ensure they are protected in this somewhat obscure budget process.

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