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SUPPORT H. 2823. The Emerging Breweries Bill

We need your help!  The Beer Distributors of Massachusetts are supporting a bill at the State House, H. 2823, the Emerging Breweries Bill. 
H. 2823 represents a fair compromise and resolves an issue raised for the past 7 years by some breweries in Massachusetts.  H. 2823 will solve this issue once and for all.
Our bill, H. 2823, applies to true Emerging Breweries - those who produce less than 30,000 barrels of beer in a year (about 413,000 cases) and are privately owned and operated.    
This bill helps all true Emerging Breweries. 
Please use the link to email your State Senator and State Representative and ask them to support H. 2823, the EMERGING BREWERIES BILL.
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