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New Hampshire to Repeal Licensure

On Feb. 14, 2023, New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu gave his budget address. This $14.9 billion budget proposes massive licensing reform, including repeal of the entire section related to medical imaging and radiation therapy. Gov. Sununu’s address stated he wishes to fully remove 34 outdated licensure boards and his proposal would completely dissolve all licensure requirements for the profession. If licensure is no longer required, there will be no safeguards to protect New Hampshire patients from receiving medical imaging and radiation therapy care from inadequately educated personnel. 

In 2016, New Hampshire joined 36 other states to require medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals to adhere to appropriate licensure standards. Along with establishing the medical imaging and radiation therapy board, RSA 328-J, set clear educational requirements for medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals in all health care settings. New Hampshire prioritized educationally prepared and clinically competent individuals performing medical imaging and radiation therapy procedures. It is imperative that New Hampshire does not regress and allow individuals who have not passed nationally recognized credentialing exams to perform imaging exams using radiation. Whether a patient receives care in a physician’s office or a hospital, the quality and standards of care must remain high.   

ASRT and the New Hampshire Society of Radiologic Technologists adamantly oppose House Bill 2 and Gov. Sununu’s proposed licensing reform. New Hampshire patients deserve high-quality health care. 


View all New Hampshire legislative and regulatory activity that ASRT follows.

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