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The Connecticut Society of Radiologic Technologists is proud to be the organization that advocates for radiologic technologists and our patients in Connecticut.

We recognize that years of study, clinical documentation and the successful completion of certification exams have earned you the ability to call yourself a radiologic technologist and the privilege to competently apply your skills to your patients’ benefit.

The CSRT urges medical imaging and radiation therapy professionals to become informed about how to keep that privilege away from those who have not earned it. Chapter 376c of the Connecticut Statutes, which is the licensure law for radiographers, radiologic technologists, radiologist assistants and nuclear medicine technologists, clearly defines the requirements needed for personnel to perform these disciplines. However, there have been attempts from other allied health care professionals in Connecticut to obtain statutory authority to perform some aspects of licensed radiologic technologists’ duties. Medical professionals who are not radiologic technologists and who perform radiologic and fluoroscopic procedures outside of these guidelines may be in violation of state law. The CSRT has worked diligently to limit encroachment on radiologic technology from other professions and continually monitors state legislative and regulatory activity.

We believe only R.T.s who hold the proper state license should be allowed to operate radiographic or medical imaging equipment, specifically “energizing the beam, positioning the patient, and positioning/moving any equipment in relation to the patient.” (Sec. 20-74bb)

The CSRT is working to protect your profession, along with your rights and privileges as a radiologic technologist. Members of the CSRT can be the first to be learn about challenges to our profession and proposed legislative and regulatory changes. CSRT hopes that we can help you understand the laws affecting radiologic technologists’ practice in Connecticut and we hope that you will join us!

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View all Connecticut legislative and regulatory activity that ASRT follows.

The link will take you to the ASRT Tracking Map, click on Connecticut to see the most current information.


Connecticut Action Items

       (No action items at this time.)

       2023 State Legislature
       Convenes 1/4/23
       Adjourns 6/7/23

Connecticut Resources

You can familiarize yourself with Connecticut laws and legislative process, guidelines for the rule-making process and helpful resources provided by clicking on the links under each heading.

Connecticut General Assembly

Helpful Resources
Frequently Asked Questions
Legislative Guide

State Government — How a Bill Becomes a Law
How a Bill Becomes a Law in Connecticut

Connecticut Regulations System

To discuss specific issues and needs your affiliate society may have, or if the links on this page are broken, email the ASRT Government Relations Department at


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