Support Expansion on EITC Tax Credits & Educational Opportunity Accounts!
These types of opportunities only come around once a generation or two.  The PA Senate is currently reviewing SB 1 and SB 733.  Collectively these bills would open up educational freedom to tens of thousands of PA families.  Our children need these options and PA needs these options.

Senate Bill 1: Tax Credit provisions

  • Increases tax credits for K-12 scholarships under the Educational Improvement Tax Credit by $50 million
  • Increases tax credits for K-12 scholarships under the Opportunity Scholarship Tax Credit by $50 million
  • Combined, these would provide for approximately 40,000 more scholarships
  • Increases tax credits for Pre-K scholarships by $2.5 million
  • Provides $50 million to increase scholarship amounts for students in Economically Disadvantaged Schools
  • Provides an automatic program increase; if 90% of tax credits are used in a fiscal year, the total cap increases by 25% in future years.


Senate Bill 733: Education Opportunity Accounts for Exceptional Students

  • Creates state funded scholarship accounts for students with special needs.
  • Qualifying students would receive an amount equal to 90% of state funding per student in the student’s school district (statewide average of $6,400 per student).
  • Funds could be used for tuition and fees, curriculum, tutoring/therapies, testing, assistive technologies.


Please let your Legislators and the Governor know you support these bills. Take action now and pass along to your communities. 

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