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Contact your legislators to ensure telephone coverage is included in telehealth!
Telehealth has become a critical avenue for patient access to primary care services throughout the past year. While it is not a replacement for in-person care, the expanded use of telehealth has shown that it’s another tool in delivering quality, equitable care. 

As family physicians on the front lines, your telehealth experiences (both via video and the phone) are important for your legislators to hear. While Minnesota legislators, currently, all support legislation to continue coverage for telehealth, telephone coverage and payment parity are at risk. 

We need YOU to tell your stories and help your representatives understand why telephone coverage and payment parity are vital. Share how you have made telehealth work for your patients and your practice—how it has brought value, improving things like patient access to care, equity and outcomes. Highlight the importance of the use of telephone services, as part of telehealth, to ensure more equitable access to care and that payment parity for telehealth visits MUST continue in order to sustain it as a viable option for delivery of care. Please edit the pre-populated message (to the right) to include HIPAA appropriate patient stories that highlight how telehealth has worked for you and your patients. 

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